Categorised price list

The prices listed below are only an approximation and unforeseen circumstances may result in additional charges.
 Minimum price
 Maximum price
 Consultation (fixed price)
10.000 HUF
10.000 HUF
 X-ray (fixed price)
5.000 HUF
 5.000 HUF
16.000 HUF
 25.000 HUF
 Filling by laser technology/piece
50.000 HUF
 80.000 HUF
 Inlays, onlays, overlays/piece
39.000 HUF
 140.000 HUF
45.000 HUF
 180.000 HUF
70.000 HUF
180.000 HUF
80.000 HUF
 600.000 HUF
 Bone block
from 50.000 HUF
 Wisdom tooth extraction, tooth extraction
 25.000 HUF
 50.000 HUF
 Teeth whitening by laser
from 85.000 HUF
Plaque removal
 from 16.000 HUF

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