Benefits of our implants

  • Natural Looking Teeth & Smile
  • Computer Guided Implantology
  • 15,000 Dental Implants Placed
  • Greater Patient Comfort
  • One Day Postoperative Recovery
  • No Swelling, Pain or Stitches

Latest Computer Guided Dental Implants

Replace unsightly or uncomfortable missing teeth using the latest clinical techniques, allowing simpler, faster, treatment, greater patient comfort and quicker recovery with significantly less swelling & pain.

Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth, form one tooth to the entire jaw. Teeth can be lost for several reasons, accidents, periodontal disease or hereditary health conditions. The “artificial root” made from titanium integrates together with the human bone.
This method of dental treatment allows us to avoid grinding healthy teeth structure. Both dentists and patients alike agree that tooth replacements performed by dental implantation restore the functions and sensation of real teeth. Dental Implants are the next best thing to your own natural tooth.

Our team at Da Vinci Dental Clinic are experts in Dental Implantology and use the MED 3D computer-guided implantation system. Most interventions are preceded by assembly of an individually tailored treatment plan. Compared to formerly used methods this 3-dimensional system allows incomparably accurate and precise design of the surgical templates. This also enables us to plan the type and size of the implant as well as locating the most optimal location in the bone. This planning and use of the MED 3D program is of great importance as the correct placement determines the long-term stability of implanted teeth. At Davinci Dental Clinic we precisely design the extension and type of bone graft with high accuracy.

Since computer guided dental implantation can be performed without any incision, exploration or joins associated with traditional surgical interventions, the well-known complications such as pain, swelling and hematomas can be avoided or significantly alleviated. Therefore, the duration of the treatment can be reduced and the recovery period shortened as well.

In many cases patients can return to their daily routine the next day.

With the help of the latest proper dental procedures healthy and beautiful teeth are available for everyone.

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